The Initiative

The MARITIME LNG PLATTFORM e.V., the national LNG initiative, is an association of industrial and shipping companies, port authorities and initiatives aimed at creating a cleaner and more sustainable shipping sector through the use of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and the significant reduction of emissions, such as SOx, NOx, CO2 and particulate matter. The MARITIME LNG PLATTFORM e. V is focused on providing information and research and is committed to the establishment of framework conditions that enable a timely introduction of LNG to the market.

In addition, the objectives of the platform include the promotion of water-side LNG-based power supply for freighters and cruise liners as well as sustainable energy and mobility concepts centred on the use of LNG for water and land transport in port cities.

Based on the Dutch model ( and in co-operation with the Dutch platform, the MARTIME LNG PLATTFORM (with offices in Hamburg and Berlin) supports the market introduction of LNG as an environmentally-friendly fuel in Germany. One of its key objectives is the collection of relevant national and international expertise as well as representing the interests of the maritime sector regarding LNG in the political sphere both at national and EU level: the cornerstones of our work involve pro-active public affairs and PR work and highly targeted special events providing information and research and presenting innovative solutions in co-operation with existing initiatives and in dialogue with decision-makers in Berlin and Brussels.


The platform's activities are guided by a specific roadmap:

  • In 5 years - the operation of at least 50 ships in German ports using LNG
  • In 5 years - at least 5 ports in Germany that supply LNG to the shipping sector
  • In 3 years – sea-based LNG power supply during port stays of at least 250 ships per annum
  • The specific and measurable reduction of SOx, NOx, CO2 and particulate matter as a result of above measures